BREATHE.  Create a daily relaxation practice – meditate, do yoga or tai chi.

Organize your work and set priorities.

Regular exercise is a great antidote to stress.  STRETCH your body; stretch your mind; stretch your spirit.

Cut down on caffeine.  It’s a stimulant – it stays in the body 8-12 hours.

Get enough sleep and rest.

Have meaning and purpose in your life.  Have a wide variety of resources for gratification and passion – family, friends, creative things, travel, etc.

Allow extra time to get wherever it is that you’re going so that you arrive with grace and dignity.

Don’t feel that you have to do everything – perfectionism can be stressful.

Stop multi-tasking. 

Don’t take your job home with you or on breaks.

Practice mindfulness – learn to live in the moment, which is all you really have.

Turn off your computer, cell phone, beeper, TV, alarm clock.  Have some time for silence.

Avoid the “stress carriers” and “negaholics.”

Practice being patient.

Laugh more often.